f3x capital

Guiding Bachelor and Master Theses

We are open to hosting and guiding bachelor or master theses for students of business administration, economics, data science or similar quantitative disciplines

About us: we are a young investment firm based in Frankfurt. In 2017, we launched our first public equity fund. We apply best practices from our private equity past. Data based and quantitative approaches constitute an ever increasing part of our work. We ourselves are continuously researching new methods to improve our investment processes. Therefore, we have a small pipeline of research ideas that you might use as inspiration for your thesis. However, we are also open to completely new proposals. Obviously, the proposal should fit our activities so that we can be a meaningful partner for you. We would also like to point out that we are only open to empirical work (not literature work) that addresses new topics if possible – of course, this can also mean an extension of existing research and findings.

What we are curious about:

  • Capital market anomalies of all kinds
  • Quantitative analyses of corporate failure (capital misallocations, fraud, etc.)
  • Time series analysis of fundamental data for forecasting models
  • Base rate modeling of margins, returns, cash flow, capex, working capital cycles, etc.
  • Quantitative analyses of corporate behavior & decision making

Just send your CV and a cover letter with a few sentences about yourself, your ideas and motivations to Felix